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TA1943  -  Alloy Radial Chain (Single)

TA1943 - Alloy Radial Chain (Single)

$ 536.45

TA1943 - Alloy Radial Chain (Single)

Alloy Radial Chain is a Security Chain Company (SCC) product by Peerless. It is a ladder?style cable chain for HD and commercial applications.
Alloy Radial Chain is a familiar looking product with a few unique features: Alloy Radial Chain is constructed with 0.525î manganese alloy traction coils. It provides superior traction, durability and a weight savings of at least 50% compared to conventional _linkî tire chains. The crossmember eyelets allow for easy replacement of worn crossmembers without any special tools. _TAî Alloy Radial Chain is more durable than traditional low carbon steel link chains, light weight and easy to install. They feature a quick and easy link?style fastening system with an _over?centerî latch for easier installation and adjustment and they are packaged with illustrated installation and removal instructions.

Packaged: 1 pair per box / Must Purchase 4 pair.
Chain tighteners ARE NOT REQUIRED SHOULD NOT be used.

275/75-22.5, 275/80-22.5, 285/70-24.5, 285/75-22.5, 295/70-22.5


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