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The Auto Parts In Your Truck That Most Commonly Need Replacing

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The Auto Parts In Your Truck That Most Commonly Need Replacing

The Auto Parts In Your Truck That Most Commonly Need Replacing

When you purchase your truck, whether you buy it new or second hand, it is an undeniable fact that there are parts of it that will need replacing or repairing eventually.

We at Nick’s Truck Parts know you want to keep your truck working for you for as long as possible, which is why we’re committed to providing high-quality truck parts for discount prices.

If you’re interested in keeping your truck in full working order, here’s our list of the most common auto parts you may need to replace on your truck:

Air Filter

One of the most common parts of any auto vehicle that will regularly need replacing is the air filter. It is recommended that you change your air filter roughly every 30 – 50 000 miles, or every two years, depending on which comes first.

Remember that if you drive your truck through particularly harsh conditions, such as very dusty roads, you may need to change the filter more frequently than that.

Oil and Oil Filter

Along with the air filter, the oil filter is another auto part that needs to be replaced more often than almost any other. You should be checking your oil to see if it needs changing roughly within every 5000 miles or three to six months, dependant on which comes first.

You should also get into the habit of changing your oil filter every time you change your oil, to ensure your truck continues running smoothly for as long as possible.


As your battery ages, you may well notice a marked decrease in the performance of your truck or even occurrences that your truck is unable to start.

Though the most common causes of battery failure are acid stratification and low charge, there are many bad driving habits that can have an adverse effect on your battery. These include taking your truck on very short trips, which don’t let the battery fully build up charge, and leaving lights or the AC on when the truck isn’t started.

Generally speaking, you should need to replace your battery every 4 or 5 years, but, if you notice your truck’s performance starting to suffer it may need to be replaced earlier than that.


Every time you drive your truck you are wearing away your tires, little by little. Eventually, your tires will need to be replaced but exactly when that has to happen depends on a lot of different variables.

You should frequently check your tires for wear to make sure they’re not being unevenly worn, or worn past the limit for safe driving. You should also check your wheel alignment, inflation and check your tires regularly for foreign objects or punctures.

Make sure you get your tires retreaded if you notice any of the above problems. 


If you have any further queries about caring for your truck, or to see our comprehensive range of competitively priced truck parts, visit Nick’s Truck Parts now!

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