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Exhaust Stacks

 Our stack part numbers are all built the same way. Once you understand which digits within the item number designate what, it is easy to build the item number you need.

Each stack number consists of 11 digits-  XXXX-XXX-XXXX 

The first block of 4 digits dictates the stack style, diameter, and end form.

1-Style (1-Miter, 2-Standard Curve, 3-Bullhorn, 4- Flat Top, 5-Short 30, 6- West Coast Curve, 7-Diablo)

2-N/A- this digit will always be a zero/0.

3-Diameter (5- designates a 5" DIA stack, 6- designates a 6" DIA stack, 7- designates a 7" DIA stack, 8- designates an 8" DIA stack)

4- designates the end form (or, bottom) of the stack. A- OD/straight cut, B- Reduced to 5" OD (typically for muffler applications), C- ID/expanded end form (non-reduced), D- Reduced to 5" ID (expanded-typically work with non-expanded factory elbows)

Example: item 107A would be a MITER in 7" DIA, with an OD end form

 The second block of 3 digits designates only the height of the stack.

Example: 36" stack would be -036-, 44" would be -044-, 96" stack would be -096- and so on

 The remaining 4 digits of our part numbers designate the finish of the stack.

On almost all applications, the part number will end in -1103, which designates a finished, chrome-plated mild steel stack. The only real exception to this is in cases where a non-plated stack is required, which would be for non-cosmetic applications or applications where a customer is looking to powder-coat a stack. In this case, the part number would end in -1102, which designates a fabricated, polished item, which is ready to be plated.


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