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Tectran-75422A2-Medium Duty Cable (5/14 2/12 Gauge) (250 Feet), (product_type), (product_vendor) - Nicks Truck Parts

Tectran-75422A2-Medium Duty Cable (5/14 2/12 Gauge) (250 Feet)

$ 658.13

75422A2 - Medium Duty Cable (5/14 2/12 Gauge) (250 Feet)

Medium Duty Cable (5 Leads/14 Gauge, 2 Leads/12 Gauge). This unique cable configuration retains the 12-gauge conductor in the heavily loaded red stop circuit wire and in the white ground circuit, while providing the economy of 14-gauge wiring for the other circuits. This construction is a perfect alternative to the 7/14 or 6/14 - 1/2 constructions.

(Green, Brown, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, White)

Cable O.D. (Nominal) - 0.555 In

Length = 250 Ft
Jacket Color = Black


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