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LS4H -Buyers-SaltDogg® Hydraulic Pre-Wet Kit With One 105-Gallon Poly V-Box Mount Reservoir - Nick's Truck Parts

LS4H -Buyers-SaltDogg® Hydraulic Pre-Wet Kit With One 105-Gallon Poly V-Box Mount Reservoir

$ 4,449.50

LS4H -Buyers-SaltDogg® Hydraulic Pre-Wet Kit With One 105-Gallon Poly V-Box Mount Reservoir

Kits contain everything you need to install and run your pre-wet system.
Helps salt stick to pavement and melts ice at lower external temperatures.
Your choice of electric or hydraulic pump operation.
Sturdy poly reservoirs are designed to fit against your SaltDogg spreader.
12V DC-powered pump provides variable spray rate.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel brackets, tie downs, and pump enclosures.

Buyers Products Pre-Wet Kit for SaltDogg 6-20 Cubic Yard Spreaders enhances the performance of your salt spreader by adding a liquid ice-melting agent to the salt prior to application. The liquid helps salt stick to surfaces and can melt ice at lower temperatures than salt alone.
The pre-wet kit comes with one or two 105 gal polymer reservoirs specially designed to fit next to your SaltDogg spreader. The corrosion-resistant poly is held in place by included stainless steel brackets and tie downs. Each kit also includes a pressure sensor to indicate a filter clog or low tank level.
The LS4 and LS5 pre-wet kits feature a 12V DC-powered electric diaphragm pump rated at 3 GPM/ 45 PSI. A variable speed in-cab controller allows you to adjust the spray volume. The LS4H and LS5H feature a constant rate hydraulic drive with a proportioning valve rated at 4.5 GPM @ 1750 RPM (150 PSI), plus in-cab controller.
Kits include a reservoir, pump, cab controller, hoses, fittings, ball valve, filter, wiring, connectors, and stainless steel brackets and tie downs.

Works with the following spreaders: 1400475SS Series, 1400500SS Series, 1400550SS Series, 1400505SS Series, 1470475SS Series, 1470500SS Series, 1470550SS Series, 1470505SS Series, 1406657SSH, 1406757SSH, 1406863SSH, 1406969SSH, 1421057SSH, 1421163SSH, 1421257SSH, 1421363SSH, 1421369SSH, 1421469SSH, 1425657SSH, 1425757SSH, 1425863SSH, 1425969SSH, 140657SSH, 1450757SSH, 1450757SSH, 1450863SSH, 1450969SSH, 1451057SSH, 1451163SSH, 1451257SSH, 1451363SSH, 1451369SSH, 1451469SSH, 1461057SSH, 1461163SSH, 1461257SSH, 1461363SSH, 1461369SSH, 1461469SSH, 1471056SSH, 1471156SSH, 1471256SSH, 1471456SSH

Product Common Use: SaltDogg 6-20 Cubic Yard Spreaders, Snow and Ice Control

Height: 25.0"
Length: 69.0"
Mount Style: Spreader Sde
Tank Shape: Wedge
Flow: 4.5 GPM
Tank Capacity (Total) 105Gal
Pressure: 150 PSI
Controller Type: Proportional In Cab Controller
Hose Type: 3/4" Flexible
Works with Models: 3.5 & 6.0 cubic yards +
Control Type:Hydraulic

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